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World Meteorological Organization

The World Meteorological Organization is the successor of the former International Meteorological Organization, which in 1951 became an UN specialized Agency. The Organization’s purposes, as defined in the WMO Convention are to facilitate worldwide cooperation in the establishment of networks of stations for making meteorological, hydrological and other geological observations, to promote the establishment and maintenance of system for rapid exchange of meteorological and related information;

to standardize and to ensure the uniform publication of observations and statistics;
to further the application of meteorology to aviation, shipping, water problems, agriculture and other human activities; to promote activities in operational hydrology and further close cooperation between meteorological and hydrological services and to encourage international coordination, research and training in meteorology and related fields.

The supreme body of the organization, the World Meteorological Congress meets every four years and elects the Executive Council. WMO has six regional associations and eight technical commissions: atmospheric science, aeronautical meteorology agricultural meteorology, basic systems, hydrology, instruments and methods, of observation, oceanography and marine meteorology, climatology.

Further details can be found on the WMO website