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European Center for Nuclear Research


Founded 50 years ago by 12 European countries, the European Organization for Nuclear Research /CERN/ is the world-s largest center for particle physics.

Situated on the Franco-Swiss border it currently has 20 Member states.  The scientific center has become a prime example of international collaboration. About 6500 scientists from 85 nations come to study the building blocs of matter and the forces that bold them together.

For this research, CERN has created a unique set of interlinked accelerators. These complex machines accelerate beams of particles and let them collide to create high-energy conditions similar to those during the first instance of the Universe. Curentlly, CERN is preparing its most powerful machine ever, the Large Hadron Collider /LHC/, in a ring of 27 km circumference.

This machine is guaranteed to further our understanding of the mysteries of the Universe. CERN‘s research at the frontiers of science also pushes back the boundaries of technology. Developments in areas from computing to materials science find broad application in every-day life.

Further details can be found on the CERN website