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World Economic Forum


The World Economic Forum is a membership based non-governmental organization which promotes interaction among all stakeholder groups of society e.g. leaders from government, business, academia and the arts with the objective of improving the state of the world.

It has the status of a not-for-profit foundation under Swiss law and is not tied to any political, partisan or regional interests. The World Economic Forum pursues its aims by organizing high-level meetings and summits, the largest and best-known of which is its Annual Meeting held in the ski resort of Davos in eastern Switzerland. This five-day long meeting, brings together over 1,000 chief executives, some 200 government leaders, numerous high ranking officials from regional and international organizations, and some 300 experts, scientists, artists, religious leaders and representativesof the media.

The Foundation’s publications include an annual Global Competitiveness Report which ranks nations worldwide for their competitiveness in the global economy, and an annual economic and political publication Global Agenda Magazine.
Further details can be found on the WEF website